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  • DETAILS WHY COME Hotel nel Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo Hotel degli Olmi is located in the heart of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise and the ideal choice for a holiday on the snow for summer holidays of relaxation and nature.
  • DETAILS HOLIDAYS Escursioni Abruzzo From the hotel it is You can reach Camosciara, Civitella Alfedena, Pescasseroli, Scanno, Pescocostanzo and many other places, villages and glimpses of the most beautiful central Italy.

Mountain Villages and Events in Abruzzo

Villetta Barrea is situated in the heart of the Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, a short distance by car to the towns of Civitella Alfedena, Pescasseroli, Scanno, Pescostanzo, Val Fondillo, Opi, Macchiarvana, the mountain pass of Forca D’Acero, and La Camosciara waterfall and many other towns and picturesque destinations amongst the most beautiful that Central Italy has to offer. The perfect spot for skiers or anyone that wishes to spend a restful snowbound weekend, or a relaxing summer holiday.

Villeta Barrea hosts two important museums: The Museum of Transumanza and the permanent exhibit “Futuro Remoto.” Both are interesting and reason enough for a visit! The museums constitute a particular point of pride for the local population as they renew traditional ties between nature, culture, tradition, religion, language, and alimentary customs.

Our local products, handmade by local artisans, are sure to please all, both young and old. From handmade cheeses to fresh spring trout, freshly picked mountain spinach to harvest beans and grains, from natural honey to homemade sweets of dark amarena cherries and quince, these lovingly crafted specialities will add flavor to your group whether large or small.

Local traditions and feast days dedicated to local patron saints only add to the flavor and color of our ancient pastoral heritage. Come visit and participate! A wondrous feast occurs the first weekend of September and is called “la dodda.” Villetta Barrea is transformed into living theater as actors reenact traditions tied to matrimonal rituals. As the actors travel through the village streets, the turist is transported into a spectacular dimension filled with suggestive moments of the past and its traditions.

You too can discover and enjoy all the natural wonders of the area if you choose Hotel degli Olmi. Take advantage of our many special deals and the advantageous offerings of “last minute” specials! Come and explore this breathtaking corner of Abruzzo!

Villetta Barrrea Calendar of Events

Feast of Saint Vincent, first weekend of July

Feast of Saint Barbara, last weekend of August

“La Dodda”, first weekend of September

Christmas Paegent with Santa Clause in piazza, Christmas Tide

Theatrical Nativity Scene, 29 December

Important events in surrounding area of Villetta Barrea

“Parade of Torches”, Civitella Alfedena, 30 December

“Live Passion Play”, Villetta Barrea, Easter Weekend

“L’infiorata”: street mosaics composed of flower petals, Feast of Corpus Cristi, Pescasseroli

“Il catenaccio”, 14 August, Scanno

The Glorys of Saint Martin, Scanno, 10-11 November

The Civitella Folk Festival, final two weeks of August

The small towns that surround Villetta Barrea are our true cultural heritage. Local flavors, time held traditions, and typical artisanal products provide a wealth of bounty to satisfy the interests of the most descriminating individual. The town of Villetta Barrea is the perfect destination for a vacation filled with sporting activity, personal discovery, and restful relaxation.

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    Abruzzo National Park

    Barrea lake

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    Barrea lake is an artificial lake, created in 1951 by damming the Sangro river at the gorge of Barrea.

    Villetta Barrea

    Transhumance Museum

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    The museum is proposed as a place of study and documentation of sheep transhumance phenomenon, bearing industry ...

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