• hotel parco nazionale d'abruzzo
  • hotel parco nazionale d'abruzzo
  • hotel parco nazionale d'abruzzo
  • vacanza montagna abruzzo
  • vacanza montagna abruzzo
  • vacanza montagna parco nazionale abruzzo
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  • albergo montagna abruzzo
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  • DETAILS WHY COME Hotel nel Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo Hotel degli Olmi is located in the heart of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise and the ideal choice for a holiday on the snow for summer holidays of relaxation and nature.
  • DETAILS HOLIDAYS Escursioni Abruzzo From the hotel it is You can reach Camosciara, Civitella Alfedena, Pescasseroli, Scanno, Pescocostanzo and many other places, villages and glimpses of the most beautiful central Italy.


We have always been at your side in any occasion that were special to you but now: it is official! We are finally specialized in the art of reception and you can choos the Hotel Degli Olmi for any kind of events you want to celebrate!

Our Hotel can indeed host Baptisms, Holy Communions, Confirmations, birthday parties, anniversaries, degree parties but also weddings, thanks to its room that can host up to 280 persons.

Our pride? The cooking that is able to delight every Guests by offering them such a good cooking made only with the best ingredients, above all the local ones, so one can experience at its best Civitella Alfedena.

We have an amazing, charming, indoor room, with a ceiling with wood beams with a waved shape, that makes the ambiance even more warm and smooth at the same time. We make unique every event by setting the most suitable decoration, surprising all the Guests with unexpected color choices that enhanced even more the ambiance.

It is also possible to have a buffet at the pool side, where one can also enjoy the panorama and the surrounding mountains.

For any special event, choose the Hotel Degli Olmi, its elegant rooms and the professionalism and experience of our staff: it will be the most suitable choice to make unforgettable a special occasion!

  • Walks and other activities

    Sport and Activities

    Click below to discover all the fantastic sporting activities to do at our facility ...

    Abruzzo National Park

    Barrea lake

    News ed eventi

    Barrea lake is an artificial lake, created in 1951 by damming the Sangro river at the gorge of Barrea.

    Villetta Barrea

    Transhumance Museum

    News ed eventi

    The museum is proposed as a place of study and documentation of sheep transhumance phenomenon, bearing industry ...

    The School of Natural Hiking

    Hiking school

    Invite you to discover the charm of our country .... and the natural beauty of the park with walking and hiking ...



Via Fossato, 8 - 67030 Villetta Barrea (AQ)

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